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× Laughs at you little hens


.::[ The Littlest Espurr ]::.

|| Sanei || ♀ || ISFP || Scorpio || Taken ||

|| Paint Tool SAI || Bamboo Pen & Touch || Windows 7 ||

Call me Sanei, Sivi, or Siv. I will also respond to Butt.
Hi, I somehow terrify everyone around me. But I'm just a tiny creature.
I have a bad habit of spoiling my close friends.

( ˊ꒳ˋ)

Unless you have my written permission to do so, you may not repost, recolor, use for tracing and base use, or make profit from my work in any way. My artwork is mine. All characters made by me are for my personal use unless stated otherwise. If I allow you to use my work in any way, please give me credit.

It is not hard to do.

Skype: shawnsboobies

You must tell me your deviantart username in the request if you wish to add me to skype. It is also prefered if you link me to a character app if you share a group with me. If you don't follow this you will be blocked immediately. Just trying to be safe.

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.::[ Commissions ]::.

Micro Chibi CommissionsStatus: OPEN
You can find more commission options here::

Micro Chibis
These are all genuine, never made from bases.
I make an effort to include as much detail as possible despite their size.
Some may appear the same or appear smaller than others due to the 200x200 space restriction.
These will never be made bigger than 200x200!

[Micro Chibi]:: Ekatii - Aira by SiVioSanei
[Micro Chibi]:: Molly - Jack and Jade by SiVioSanei[Micro Chibi]:: Lolla - Xiu Lan by SiVioSanei[Abamenko]: Micro Rizo by SiVioSanei[Micro Chibi]:: Archy-tan - Keaton and Sulliver by SiVioSanei[Micro Chibi]:: Hexlix - Willow Matthews by SiVioSanei
I will draw the foll
Point/Paypal Commissions! (OPEN)Commissions
Hello! Welcome to my commissions journal!
If you are interested in commissioning me with any of the following types of art found below, please send me a note and we can discuss from there the type of image and character(s) you would like, as well as your method of payment.
Commission Slots: Open
» 1: ( :dev : ) || Type of Commission
» 2: ( :dev : ) || Type of Commission
» 3: ( :dev : ) || Type of Commission
» 4: ( :dev : ) || Type of Commission
» 5: ( Ge-zelligheid ) || Reserved
I can do any range of characters, gijinkas, and creatures. 
Humans, Kemonomimi, Anthro, Demons, animals, etc. 
I love to draw any special Pokémon as well. I love to draw any personal characters in general.
I will not do full on Mecha and explicit images because it is very difficult for me. 
Explicit work will only be done for close friends alone.
Keep in mind, commissions would take

.::[ Friend Only Kiriban ]::.

Kiribans are friend only due to the fact that I no longer have much of a desire to draw for strangers anymore unless they are kind to me, or it is commissioned. Friends are those who I have established at least a bit of an ok bond with and talk to for a while or daily.

.::[ Art Status ]::.

Commissions OPEN by StampMakerLKJ
Requests Friends Only by StampMakerLKJGifts Friends Only by StampMakerLKJTrades Friends Only by StampMakerLKJ


"I don't know where my butts are... Where are my butts?"
- Sanei, 2015

Please do not advertise on my page, haha. o u o
Your comments will be hidden. ty.
You're welcome for llamas and favorites.


Micro Shrug Pixels (Non-Icon)
Molly Shrugs by SiVioSanei
Shawn Shrugs by SiVioSanei
Sanei Shrugs by SiVioSanei

You get two characters done for the price.

Opening these if anyone has interest, they will be permanently up. They take about 5-10 minutes each depending on the character. There is no slot amount and you may request at any time. Simply send me the character and symbol you want.

Any explicit content will be declined. Though I do my best to add every detail I can, excessively detailed characters will be simplified.

Symbol Options:: Sweatdrop, Stress Mark, Music Note, Heart, Sleep, Question/Exclamation Point, etc.

× o u o


.::[ Husband ]::.


Love of my life.
An idiot but still mine.
Please stay out of my relationship.





There are most certainly more people who I consider my friends, but these people I talk to quite frequently if not daily. There is no order, please don't feel bad if you are not featured here.



Jul 3, 2015
10:49 am
Jul 2, 2015
8:48 pm
Jul 2, 2015
1:39 pm
Jul 2, 2015
5:24 am
Jul 1, 2015
9:47 pm

Legit question, answer truthfully. Do I scare you? 

4 deviants said No.
2 deviants said Yes--
1 deviant said Idky if I do because you really have nothing to be scared about lol. Yall should tell me why if I am. :iconmingteatimeplz:
No deviants said No-- maybe


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