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× I'm an old bag now omfg


.::[ The Littlest Espurr ]::.

|| Sanei || ♀ || ISFP || Scorpio || Taken ||

|| Paint Tool SAI || Bamboo Pen & Touch || Windows 8.1 ||

Sanei | Sivi | Siv

I'm a lazy hoe.

Though I will be friendly, I will not go out of my way to make friends. Whatever happens, happens.

Feel free to say hi. I try my best to respond to comments in a timely matter, I do appreciate all of them. Disrespect will be ignored. I will not hesitate to block you, even if I've never talked to you.

Thank you.

Unless you have my written permission to do so, you may not repost, recolor, use for tracing and base use, or make profit from my work in any way. My artwork is mine. All characters made by me are for my personal use unless stated otherwise. If I allow you to use my work in any way, please give me credit.

It is not hard to do.

Skype: shawnsboobies

You must tell me your deviantart username in the request if you wish to add me to skype. It is also preferred if you link me to a character app if you share a group with me. If you don't follow this you will be blocked immediately. Just trying to be safe.

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.::[ Commissions ]::.

YCH || 1 (OPEN) by SiVioSanei
Micro Chibi CommissionsStatus: OPEN
You can find more commission options here::

Micro Chibis
These are at the set price of 800:points:/$8.00
These are all genuine, never made from bases.
I make an effort to include as much detail as possible despite their size.
Some may appear the same or appear smaller than others due to the 200x200 space restriction.
These will never be made bigger than 200x200!

[Micro Chibi]:: Archy-tan - Keaton and Sulliver by SiVioSanei[Micro Chibi]:: Hexlix - Willow Matthews by SiVioSanei
I will draw the following: Human, Alien, Closed or Personal Specie, Adopted Character
Point/Paypal Commissions! (OPEN)Commissions
Hello! Welcome to my commissions journal!
If you are interested in commissioning me with any of the following types of art found below, please send me a note and we can discuss from there the type of image and character(s) you would like, as well as your method of payment.
Commission Slots: Open
» 1: ( :dev : ) || Type of Commission
» 2: ( :dev : ) || Type of Commission
» 3: ( :dev : ) || Type of Commission
» 4: ( :dev : ) || Type of Commission
» 5: ( :dev : ) || Type of Commission
I can do any range of characters, gijinkas, and creatures. 
Humans, Kemonomimi, Anthro, Demons, animals, etc. 
I love to draw any special Pokémon as well. I love to draw any personal characters in general.
I will not do full on Mecha and explicit images because it is very difficult for me. 
Explicit work will only be done for close friends alone.
Keep in mind, commissions would ta
Wiggle Icon Commissions! (OPEN)Status: Open
Simple Wiggle Icons are currently open.
These come in both individual as well as horizontal couple icons for those who are interested!
The price is now $15.00 or 1300:points: for individual and $20.00 or 1800:points: for couple!!

I will draw the following: Human, Alien, Closed or Personal Specie, Kemonomimi, Fursona, Pokesona, Mecha. Whatever!
I will not draw the following: Explicit images (Minus butts because butts...I will gladly do butts. Dead serious.), MLP, Characters made from Bases, Online Dolls, or Traced work. I am very much against art theft. :c
I love to do OCs from the groups I am in. \>U</

.::[ Friend Only Kiriban ]::.


.::[ Art Status ]::.

Commissions OPEN by StampMakerLKJ
Requests Friends Only by StampMakerLKJGifts Friends Only by StampMakerLKJTrades Friends Only by StampMakerLKJ


"I don't know where my butts are... Where are my butts?"
- Sanei, 2015

Please do not advertise on my page, haha. o u o
Your comments will be hidden. ty.
You're welcome for llamas and favorites.

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× o u o

.::[ Husband ]::.


Love of my life.
An idiot but still, all mine.
Please stay out of my relationship.




Chibi raffle a-goooo! 

1 deviant said FREE CHIBI RAFFLE!! RESULTSSince comms are finishing up soon (the payed ones at least), I would like to hold a free art raffle. ( \ u \   )
The catch is: you have to share it in a poll/journal, w/e you want! Meaning yes this is open to the public!
I will check if you share it or not!!! And comment to get your number sillies!

There will only be five winners. You may only have one raffle number!
Fret not if you don't make this one there will be future raffles!
To each winner, they will get one free 200x200 chibi of a character they would like me to draw. This can be anything; a fav show character, favorite oc, friend's oc, closed/adopted species or ocs. No couple chibis! Just keep it appropriate.
They will be little ones like Wilbur here!
(   ,\ v \ ), ♥
The raffle numbers will be chosen through a random number generator.
You have until October 20th!
No deviants said Point/PayPal Commissions (SALE)Please refer to my Terms of Use and Commission Rules before purchasing!
So my pagedolls and headshots/busts will be on sale for a while.
You don't have to worry about character details, I'll do them.
$3/:points:300 for an additional character.
They usually run for about $10/:points:1000 but they will be $5/:points:500 for some time.

1 - U-ai 2 Single Pagedolls | Paid/Sketching
2 - :dev :
3 - :dev :
4 - :dev :
5 - :dev :
Hold - ZombiiCrow || 1 Single Pagedoll | Pending Payment
Headshots/Busts will also be $10/:points:1000 as opposed to $15/:points:1500.

1 - AngePillowcat || 1 Couple Bust | Payed/Sketching
2 - :dev :
3 - :dev :
4 - :dev :
5 - :dev :
Also have my fullbodies up for $30/:


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Nov 26, 2015
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